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Posted on: February 17, 2008 7:38 pm

Alan Faneca just makes sense, folks...

While many of us feel that the Alan Faneca deal just "makes sense,"  there seems to be many of us who feel that it would be too high a cost and might not be the end all solution to our O-line woes.  I saw this report on Yahoo.com about the 7-time Pro-Bowler and thought it was quite interesting.  The writer questions the Bears "QUESTIONING" if they need Faneca or not!?

It read:

My question is, how long did they need to study to realize Faneca is an absolute stud up front who can significantly upgrade their shoddy line play from last season? What, seven Pro Bowls, a consistently powerful Steelers running game and a Super Bowl ring weren't enough proof that Faneca, still only 31, is 6-5, 312 pounds of interior blocking fury? The only thing Chicago should be researching is if it has the funds and salary-cap means to sign Faneca to a multi-year deal.

I have been an ADAMENT and EARLY supporter of this acquisition with the idea that we get rid of some of the AGING lineman as well as some of the 2nd tier players on the line who have either peaked or show NO potential.  Bringing Faneca in and moving Tait back to right along with a pick-up on the FIRST day of the draft would be huge for the O-line.  If Beekman bans out as many scouts said he would, I think we would have an O-line that would be UP TO SPEED with our defense (barring injury).
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