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Posted on: April 23, 2010 1:57 pm

Day Two of 2010 NFL Draft: FS for Bears

We all KNOW that the Bears need to answer the FS position in this year's draft.  Curently, two of the better FS are still on the board in Nate Allen and Taylor Mays.  Either one of them I wouldn't "toot my nose" in the air about having on my football team.  Neither of them will be on the board at the #75 pick, so the Bears will have to do something in order to get one of these sure-fire safeties.

Let's look at this in a couple different pieces, Bears fans...

... Who do the Bears have on roster that is expendable so that they can move up into the 2nd round?

>>> Greg Olsen, TE-- He doesn't fit well into a Mike Martz system.  Although the Bears have said that they can make him fit and there is opportunity for him in the system, the track record of a tight end in a Martz system has been one of blocking and low receptions for even the most talented TE.

>>> Hunter Hillenmeyer, LB-- With the signing of Jamar Williams, Nick Roach and Pisa Tinamosoa, there just isn't a need for Hunter Hillenmeyer in Chicago any longer.  The thing is, he really isn't attractive enough to get you back ino the 2nd round.  Perhaps the 3rd or 4th.

>>> Charles Tillman, CB-- Charles Tillman has been taking it easy this offseason and has said he wants to go light in camps this year because he wants to preserve the wear and tear on his body this season.  Corey Graham has been filling in for Tillman's absence and many scouts and reports have said that they have been impressed with Graham's tackling ability.  And isn't that what we require out of the CB in C2?  Tillman's coverage ability has never been spectacular; decent at times at best.  Tillman refuses to move to safety and I think with his shoulders becoming more of a liability, coaches might be cooling down on the TIllman love fest.

That being said...

... Out of those players, who has a need for one of those players in the top-half of the 2nd round?

Right away the team that sticks out to me is the New England Patriots who hold THREE picks in the second round (44, 47, and 53).

The Patriots are in the market for a tight end and the Bears hold a former first round draft pick in Greg Olsen, who has speed and play-making ability, but has underachieved thus far in his career.  However, there is still a huge amount of potential there and in the right system...

... He could blossom.

With three picks, the Patriots could be willing to move one and add a third in its place for a Greg Olsen.

What the Bears have to be aware of is that the Vikings, Broncos, and Eagles are all still in the hunt for a FS (Vikes more of a SS; Mays).  Sergio Kindle is still on the board, along with Jimmy Clausen which makes an intriguing position for the Vikings on what to do with the 2nd pick in the 2nd round.  Personally, I think they are content with Tarvaris Jackson and their LB unit.  I do think Brett Favre will be back for one more season.  That makes one of two top safties fair game for the Vikes, right?

The Bears have to wait to see what the Vikings do with their pick, then wait til the ever "mysterious" Al Davis selects with the 7th pick in the 2nd round and possibly look to see if the patriots are willing to move their 44th pick.

Posted on: March 18, 2010 12:34 pm

NFL Draft Watch: Tim Tebow's Exodus to the NFL

Tim Tebow's college career has been one that directors dream about producing on film.  He's a modest, humble kid who just loves the game of football.  Whether you like his game or not-- Tim Tebow is a winner.  He has been since his first collegiate start in 2006.  Now, after a storybook collegiate career, he is taking his game and fanfare to the NFL and looking to be selected in this year's NFL Draft.

Tebow doesn't have the most fundamentally sund mechanics, nor does he have the arm strength of a Jamarcus Russell coming out of LSU.  What he does have is a tremendous desire to win and play the game of football (something that no. 1 pick Russell lacks).  Tim Tebow said that he gets his inspiration to do well in football from his various football fans supporters, and also critics:  “I relish everything about it. The people who support me and believe in me, that pushes me, and the people who don’t think I can make it, that pushes me even more.”

And that's just it!

Tebow's willingness to learn what it takes to be a professional NFL QB and his humility will make him a starter in the NFL someday.  If Tebow goes to a team with an established NFL starter (Colts, Patriots, New Orleans, etc.) and has time to absorb the speed in which the game moves and work on his fundamentals, I think he will be a success.  In today's NFL, there is this "rush" to put QBs on the field as soon as they are drafted and have them learn through their mistakes, when having them sit off to the side and learn through mentoring and of-field repititions have shown to be most effective for QBs who have the potential to be an elite QB, but are not quite there just yet.  Rex Grossman is a good example of a QB with the potential to be a great QB, but was rushed on to the field too soon.  Aaron Rodgers sat back for several years under Brett Favre and when he finally was put on the field, he stepped in and the Packers offense didn't miss a beat!

Again, if Tebow is brought along like a developmental player, there is NO QUESTION IN MY MIND that he will be a success.

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