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Posted on: March 11, 2010 4:50 pm

Chicago Bears: Does T. Holt help or hurt the WRs?

Torry Holt has been a frequent face on the NFL Network of late and has made it known on several occasions that he would like to play in Chicago for Mike Martz.

On ESPN Radio Los Angeles, Holt spoke with their afternoon crew about his desire to reunite with Martz and mentor the young receivers in Chicago.

"It sounds like that would be the obvious choice and that would be a quick pick-up. But again, they have to do their evaluations, they've got to see if I can even fit with what they're trying to do. [They've] got a lot of young receivers there. They're trying to groom those young receivers and trying to get those young receivers an opportunity to play.

"If I come in as a vet, I'm going to challenge those guys for a starting spot, and probably more than likely, beat quite a few of them out for a position to play on that football team. So I guess that's something that they would have to evaluate.

"But if you think of it, it would be a natural fit with coach Martz being there. I know the system, I was in the system for many years and had a lot of success within that system. So it sounds quite natural, but coach Martz doesn't make the final decision. Some of the other people in the organization are going to make the final decision.

"It's going to have to come from the head coach and [general manager Jerry] Angelo and that staff on pulling the trigger to bring me in. So I'm just kind of waiting to see, but I did express to them early on -- the week that I got released from Jacksonville -- that I do have some interest in playing there in Chicago. I feel I could go there and help and contribute to that football team to trying to get things turned around and be a playoff contender. So we'll see how it goes."

There are a couple interesting things about this statement.

1.) The fact that Holt's is openly lobbying to be apart of the Chicago organization and seemingly has no interest in any other team makes me wonder why haven't the Bears reached out to him just yet considering the inexperience (not depth) at WR and why haven't any other team inquired about Holt and his services.

The Bears seem fairly confident in their receivers as they are "right now" and have held constant about their delight in the talent that they have on roster.  The Bears receivers, in my opinion, were one of the better units on the team in 2009.  Of course that's like comparing a "fart" to a "poot", but I don't think the WR unit was the downfall of the 2009 Chicago Bears offense.  Let's remeber that the receivers began to come around in the final 3 games of the season with some spectacular performances by Devin Aromoshadu.  However, one can not discount the fact that these young receivers are learning one of the more complicated playbooks (for an offense) in the NFL.  Holt's experience could benefit them greatly, but would come at the cost of one of the receivers losing playing time and development.  Earl Bennett seems to be one of two starting receivers with Devin Hester in the slot.  D. Aro and Johnny Knox fighting for playing time and lets not forget about 3rd round pick Jaunqin Iglesias needing to get out on the field as well.  Adding a Torry Holt would put you at 6 receivers and would mean some tough decisions on SP/T.

Also with no other teams reportedly inquiring about Holt, it's not a dumb idea to think that Holt might be the 2010 version of Orlando Pace.

2.) I like the strong words he used about being able to contribute to this team, possibly beat one of the young players out of starting position, and get them in the playoffs.  That's the type of fire that this team needs on offense-- POSITIVE competitive energy that is not "blaming" or pessimistic.  I think 2009 was a reality check for this Bears team from top to bottom-- GM to 53rd- man on roster.  I think starting from the perspective of "let's get better" and play the "player that gives us the best chance to win" rather than be led by contracts and "preferences" of GM and Coaches.

Holt certainly knows Martz's system and excelled in it.  If he has anything left in the tank (because he certainly has been noted as one of the smartest receivers in the league) he should be able to make the offense better.  My concern is that he lacked explosiveness in St. Louis and was extinct in Jacksonville, what's to say that he isn't "gas'd out"?

Can the Bears IGNORE the fact that a HOF receiver like Torry Holt (at 33 years of age) is wanting to "compete" for a starting position on this football team?  Would he play for a veteran contract and not an exhorbant amount with bonuses and incentives?

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